Free SSL Certificate with Every Shared Hosting Plan

For a website that gain your customers’ trust and is immune to online threats.

6 reasons to get FREE SSL Certificate with Shared web hosting


Rank higher than others

Google likes a secure website. Increase your website’s SEO rankings on Google and other search engines with the free SSL certificate you get with our Business or Shared web hosting plan.


Ensure secure card payments

Stop losing clients at the checkout with the security boost provided by the SSL certificate included in every Hostinger Business or Shared hosting plan.


Build client trust

By getting a free SSL certificate, and updating your website with a lock icon, you are making sure that every time your customers open their browser, they know that theri sensitive data is safe with you!


Easy setup & 24/7 customer support

Cheap and secure web hosting has never been easier. Get your hosting plan and SSL live and secure in a matter of a few clicks and get all the help you need in the process through our dedicated live support who will answer all your questions.


Bulletproof encryption

No hacker or digital threat will be able to access your valuable information. The free SSL Certificate encrypts the digital route between your website and the customer’s high-value information.


Protect your WordPress hosting

With every Business or Shared web hosting plan, you get an SSL certificate for free. The certificate acts as a shield to your WordPress website, blog or business, protecting it from cyberthreats.

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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL security is an encrypted path through which all sensitive information can travel safely. Free SSL will ensure your website is safe and your clients can trust you.

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How does SSL work?

Free SSL Certificate with Greenhost`s Business and Shared hosting plan, establishes a secure connection for sensitive data to travel safely between the customer and your website. Free SSL will let you focus on your work, resolve security issues without having to sweat about extra security costs. It will even increase your revenue as you will get a higher Google ranking, more unique visitors, and therefore more sales! How does SSL work? Here’s how.

Secure Client Data

Our free SSL certificate will ensure yours and your client’s data is safe. Greenhost’s SSL for WordPress will also protect your blog or e-commerce shop, ensuring the safety and reliability of online transactions. The encryption, which protects your client’s data from theft and any other malignant act, is the strongest form of encryption in the open market and follows the SSL protocol.

Boost your sales with the SSL certificate

Get your SSL certificate with a Greenhost360 Business or Shared web hosting plan to protect your clients’ data. The certificate encrypts the route between your server and the customer’s sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, passwords and other login details. With our affordable web hosting plans you get free SSL, building bonds of trust between you and your clientele. Clients can see that your website is safe every time they open their browser. The safe encryption afforded by the certificate will increase your revenue as clients will be able to trust your website.

Upgrade security, build customer trust!

Customer trust is not the only benefit. Using an SSL certificate is a serious security upgrade for your website as it will prevent any hacker from getting sensitive information stored on your website or transferred via https SSL protocols. With Hostinger, you get a free SSL certificate with every Business or Shared web hosting plan. By acquiring a plan, you ensure that all your website connections are safe and you empower your clients to safely purchase your products or enter sensitive information on your website.

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Hostinger’s SSL security – a lifetime of security guaranteed

Our cheap web hosting plan now offers a free SSL certificate to provide a safe connection between you and your client!

Beat the competition

Competitor websites already have SSL certificates and yours still doesn`t? SSL has become a necessity in today`s market. It’s not something that’s nice to have, it’s something that people are actually looking for. Get it for free and start edging out your competition. Ensure that clients can feel safe and protected as soon as they land on your website. The SSL certificate could be the deciding factor between your website and the website of a competitor. Help people make the right choice.

Rank higher & boost SEO

Website safety is one of Google’s main ranking factors. It therefore comes as no surprise that pages with SSL certificates will have a higher SEO ranking in Google and other search engines. There`s no doubt that websites with https at the beginning of their link rank better than those without. Make sure you’re among them by getting our free SSL certificate. It comes with every Business web hosting plan. Get your website climbing those rankings today and stop worrying about SEO!

Gain your visitors’ trust

When people visit a website, two of the things they are looking for in order to continue browsing are: a green lock next to your website`s address and an Https prefix. Why? Because those are the signs of a secure website. According to recent research, websites with an SSL certificate see Gain the trust of your customers by acquiring an SSL certificate see a 10x increase in customer sales than the websites without it. Our Business web hosting includes the SSL certificate and it’s the way to stop losing potential buyers. Make your website trustworthy and reliable today!

No more data theft or malicious attacks

The last thing you need to be dealing with is customer disputes about stolen data. With an SSL Certificate you will be able to stop wasting time on lawsuits and time-consuming security issues with your clients. Your job is to focus on how to drive more traffic to your website and how to convert those people into paying customers. Thankfully, our Business and Shared hosting plan includes the certificate that will put your mind at ease and put an end to all sorts of cyber threats.

Increase revenue, cut costs

Isn’t this what it’s all about? Decreasing costs and increasing revenue? With the Hostinger Business web hosting plan, not only do you remove the SSL from your cost list, but you instantly have the opportunity to increase your revenue. By establishing a secure connection between your and your client, you make it easier for transactions to go through. Customers will no longer hesitate to click on the “Buy” button as they can rest assured that their transactions are bulletproof.

Take the next step in building your brand

How does SSL come into the discussion of building a brand? It does as it is one of the core components of your brand’s digital presence. When people land on your website, you only have a couple of seconds to convince them to stay. No matter how good your design, copywriting or product might be, people will need to feel secure before they feel excited. How do they do that? By checking that your website ticks the right security boxes. By acquiring our Business hosting plan you have nothing to worry about as it comes with an SSL certificate.

Drive your business forward with Free SSL certificate

Increase your website’s traffic with our free SSL certificate. Protect your client’s data even when using our cheap Business or Shared web hosting plan.

SSL Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about SSL Certificate.

A free SSL certificate is a security precaution for the online communication between your web browser and your secured website. The SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection between the two, ensuring the back and forth of information is protected and bulletproof from unauthorized threats.

Think of it as trying to send a package of important, fragile contents through the mail. The SSL certificate is the special, thick tape you seal the package with in order to ensure the contents don’t spill out during the move or the package gets opened by a third party.

Apart from the obvious security benefits attached to the certificate, there is the matter of reliability and ranking. HTTPS-enabled sites are favoured by search engines but are also preferred by users as they are signs of a website’s commitment to complying with GDPR and overall safety measures.

The SSL certificate used to be considered an add-on, an extra, as something that was nice to have. More recently this has changed and the certificate has become a mandatory safety protocol that both users and search engines expect to see.

You can get a free SSL certificate by selecting one of greenhost360’s shared hosting plans

Free SSL is safe. This certificate offers the highest level of encryption and can offer your site immediate access results. Do not let the “free” part of the proposition fool you. Free SSL certificates offer the same level of protection as paid ones.